Lincoln Clubs Chairman Dr. Barbara Stone and Grassroots Lab Co-Founder Robb Korinke

Lincoln Clubs Chairman Dr. Barbara Stone
There is no one better or more entertaining than Dr. Barbara Stone to dissect the corpus delicti and read the proverbial tea leaves from the March 3, 2020 California primary election. It’s almost criminal what’s happening to elections in this state, with our legislature passing and Governor Newsom signing into law a bill earlier in this month of February changing state law to allow same day voter change of party after the absentee ballots had already been mailed!

The impending chaos of March 3, 2020 should settle down somewhat by Friday, March 20, 2020. Dr. Stone will regale us with her prognostications for November 2020 and Deep State-like insider looks behind the Green Curtain as only she (and Dorothy) could do!

Robb Korinke leads Grassroots Lab

Grassroots Lab’s client activities in Southern California, and specializes in state and local government, open data and transparency issues, digital communications and community engagement. He served 4 years as the Executive Director of the Los Angeles League of Cities and has worked with local governments on key policy issues going back to 2004. He is also the Publishing Editor of, and

At GrassrootsLab, Robb has led efforts for a wide range of non-profit, advocacy and local government clients. Clients include the Counties of Los Angeles and Mariposa, Cities of Santa Ana, Sacramento, the Southern California Association of Governments, SCE, League of California cities, California Medical Association, the Los Angeles County Business Federation, and many others.

California may be a political wasteland for Republicans this year but the national picture is very bright. The Democrat presidential candidates are making the Keystone Cops look like the FBI – errr, make that the Navy Seals, by comparison. They are President Trump’s not-so-secret weapon.

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