President of Reason Foundation David Nott

David Nott advances “free minds and free markets” as president and CEO of Reason Foundation in Los Angeles, California.

Since 2001, under Nott’s leadership, Reason has dramatically increased its visibility and impact. Reason’s award-winning, original journalism has been aptly described by The New York Post as “kick-ass” and “no-holds barred.” Reason’s innovative public policy research has led the world in privatization, “having the most direct impact on the actual functioning of government” according to the Wall Street Journal. The Drew Carey Project and ReasonTV are at the frontier of Internet video journalism, featuring prominent guests including Larry King, Jake Tapper, Steven Pinker, Jordan Peterson, Ai Wei Wei, and more.

Nott’s op-eds have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register, San Diego Union-Tribune, Los Angeles Daily News, and other publications. He has written on privatization for the Institute of Economic Affairs. He is executive producer of the documentary “America’s Longest War.”

Prior to Reason Foundation, Nott worked at George Mason University for seven years as president of both the Institute for Humane Studies and Mercatus Center.