john cruikshank candidate for la county supervisor 4th district

John Cruikshank is running for Supervisor against the incumbent Janice Hahn and offers a fresh approach to solving the many serious problems of the 4th District of Los Angeles county and it’s cities.

John Cruikshank will be an effective Supervisor helping the County solve the real, pressing issues that affect all Los Angeles County residents and businesses. John is currently President & CEO of JMC2, a California civil and structural engineering corporation he founded in 1996. John knows what it’s like to create jobs, build infrastructure, and deal with the unreasonable government directives and regulations heaped on local businesses and workers.

John started his career working for Caltrans then moved to private sector civil engineering firms prior to starting his business. His company was involved with an extreme engineering event, Heaven Sent, in 2016 where a sky diving world record was set. He is currently working on the 2nd of a series of Extreme Engineering events. His team represents two leading technology companies – Sensequake and EZ-Riser Roof Raising.

John lives in Rancho Palos Verdes with his wife, Jennifer and son, Sean, who is a Senior at Arizona State University. His resume includes:

  • Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Rancho Palos Verdes.
  • Chair of the South Bay Cities Council of Government.
  • Bachelor of Science in Building Science from USC
  • Master of Science in Engineering Management from USC
  • Registered Civil Engineer in the State of California.
  • Licensed professional engineer in more than 30 states.
  • Past President of the Harbor Assn. of Industry and Commerce
  • Fellow with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

He is focused on resolving the main issues for the 4th District

Public Safety will be my TOP PRIORITY. The Supervisors just proposed an irresponsible plan to OPEN THE JAILS and let out our most dangreous inmates. I would propose THE OPPOSITE. We need to keep violent criminals locked up and fight against the DA and others who are soft on crime. We need to FULLY FUND the Sheriff’s Department and County Fire Department to protect our residents and our neighborhoods and schools. I will work tirelessly to repeal laws that made things worse including the soft on crime bill AB 47.

Transportation – One of our greatest freedoms is to be able to have a care and go wherever we want whenever we want but this freedome is under assault. Still, we need to spend more and more money on rail systems while ridership continues to decline. Once again, the government is fighting against common sense and our freedoms. I believe the market will continue to move towards cleaner emissions but in the meantime let’s do whatever we can to reduce traffic.

There is not a one-size-fits-all solution. At least 20% of the homeless population has several mental illnesses and I am in full support of mandating Conservatorships and forcing the highest risks into treatment. These people desperately need treatment in a hospital, not on our streets. I also want to make sure our cities get the necessary finding for local cleanup and regional solutions.

Los Angeles County government should not interfere with the free market. I have experience in the private sector as a business owner supporting my family, while most current Supervisors do not appear to have any private sector experience. Yet, they are compelled to pass laws and regulations that continue to put upward pricing pressure on our goods and services produced here in our County such as the minimum wage laws, rent control, and eviction moratoriums.

John Cruikshank has a lot of thoughts about how to fix the problems facing the 4th District and L.A. County, come hear what he as to say.