Steve served three terms as our Republican elected Los Angeles County District Attorney, and was very narrowly defeated for State Attorney General in 2010 by Kamala Harris. He has 36 years of experience as a career prosecutor and six years of service as a Los Angeles Reserve Police Officer.

Under Cooley, the office successfully convicted over 1,000 career criminals under the “Three Strikes” law and obtained a record number of death penalty convictions.

Steve entered private practice after leaving the DA’s office and campaigned against radical left-wing Democrat George Gascon in 2020. Gascon beat Cooley’s handpicked successor, former District Attorney Jackie Lacey, thanks to funding from nefarious billionaire George Soros. Now-District Attorney Gascon has been busy dismantling our criminal justice system and ignoring the rights of crime victims in favor of those of convicted criminals.

Gascon’s goal is to close jails and return criminals to our communities. Steve Cooley’s goal is to recall Gascon and stop him from ending the death penalty for cop killers and other extremely heinous murderers. Cooley wants to return to protecting victims of crime and supporting his career prosecutors, who are up in arms over Gascon’s shameful mistreatment of police in general and the 1,000 front-line Deputy District Attorneys in specific.

How can you protect your business and family from the depredations of Gascon and Soros by helping recall Gascon?

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