Conservative CNN Commentator John Phillips

Popular CNN Contributor John Phillips is best known for his cutting-edge humor and bold, unbiased approach to politics, politicians and the political machines behind the scenes.

With frequent buzz-worthy appearances on popular CNN shows like New Day with Chris Cuomo & Alisyn Camerota, CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, At This Hour with John Berman & Kate Bolduan, CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello & Brooke Baldwin and LegalView with Ashleigh Banfield, Phillips is one of the most sought after political analysts working today.

Phillips also hosts Los Angeles’ top-rated The Drive Home on KABC 790 with Jillian Barberie, writes a political column for the Orange County Register, makes frequent appearances on Fox-11’s Good Day L.A. and often fills in for the legendary Larry King as host of PoliticKing.

Phillips developed an interest in politics at a young age. He says, “I love the process, the horse race – everything about it. Politics is about people, and it’s a constant struggle between heroes and villains.” He is an unapologetic Republican supporting President Donald Trump.

Phillips is a magna cum laude graduate of California State University at Fullerton. After a brief teaching gig, Phillips abandoned academia for a “more stimulating” career in talk radio, which he affectionately calls “the bordello of politics.