Congresswoman Young Kim

An immigrant to the United States, Young Kim’s unique perspective on the American Dream has led her to devote her life to public service and giving back to her community.

A working mother of four, Young started her career as a small business owner and financial analyst. Young began public service in former U.S. Representative Ed Royce’s office over 25 years ago, eventually becoming his Director of Community Operations.

Despite long odds in 2014, Young unseated an incumbent Democrat to become the first ever Korean-American Republican woman elected to serve in the State Assembly. As an Assemblywoman, Young was a champion of public safety causes, low tuition rates, veterans, children, and victims of domestic violence.

Young’s career in public service has inspired and shown fellow immigrants, working mothers, female business owners, and any American who believes in the American Dream that any individual can achieve success and serve their community despite race, gender and economic status.

Now in Congress, Young is fighting for freedom, personal liberty, opportunity for all Americans, economic recovery, and common-sense leadership. She is fighting to ensure that the American Dream she achieved is alive for future generations.

Dedicated to community involvement, Young has founded and continues to serve on the Board of Directors for numerous local non-profit organizations. Young and her husband Charles reside in La Habra and are the proud parents of four grown children.

Come hear Rep. Kim’s special insights into the direction our nation is taking nationally and internationally.