Author Paul Carter

Like Nixon, Paul Carter is a Southern California Native, a veteran of the United States Navy and a trial lawyer. While at Cal State Fullerton Paul joined the all-volunteer Nixon Library docent guild and actually met the former president on four occasions. Paul produced a fold-out map of Southern California depicting the dozens of places associated with the president and Mrs. Nixon, which is sold in the Nixon Library’s gift shop.

During the research phase, Mr. Carter spoke to many of Richard Nixon’s closest and most guarded associates like Loie Guant and Marge Acker, both of whom rarely gave interviews. He read and references in the book literally tens of thousands of pages of primary archival documents that have not previously been reviewed or utilized in any Nixon biography. The result is a biography of Richard Nixon like nothing that has ever been written before, revealing Richard Nixon the man rather than the caricature that has been widely accepted.

There is perhaps no better accomplishment nor any stronger endorsement of the author’s findings than the fact that Tricia Nixon Cox, president and Mrs. Nixon’s eldest daughter, elected to write the forward to this book. She wrote in part “Much has been written about Richard Nixon’s life and career yet despite hundreds of volumes and countless profiles that have been penned, no author has ever taken such a richly detailed and deeply researched look into father’s formative years as Paul Carter has. I was pleasantly surprised that although I knew my father very well, even I learned things about those early years that I had not known before.”

According to John F. Rothmann, host of the John Rothmann Show and lecturer on American politics at the Fromm Institute at the University of San Francisco, “Paul Carter has done a brilliant job of providing an insightful and revealing portrait of Richard Nixon, starting from his roots in Southern California and proceeding through his life in the public arena, Carter makes Nixon’s life come alive.”

Please come enjoy hearing from the author of the preeminent story of President Richard Nixon.