Assemblyman Travis Allen

Travis Allen operated his own financial advisory and wealth management practice before running for the 72nd Assembly District in 2012. The seat was open due to term limits and Travis won despite being heavily outspent by his opponent.

In June 2017, Allen announced his candidacy for Governor of California in the 2018 election He is running on a platform of spurring job creation and business growth by cutting California’s highest-in-the-nation taxes; restoring tough-on-crime policies and rolling back policies that have released thousands of criminals back into communities; using existing, record tax revenues to fix the state’s deteriorating freeways and roads and reduce traffic; increasing school choice and creating more charter schools; preventing future water shortages by increasing water storage capacity and completing the landmark California Water Project.

Allen is a lead sponsor of a proposed 2018 ballot initiative to repeal Senate Bill 1, Governor Jerry Brown-backed legislation enacted by the Democratic-controlled legislature which increases the state gas tax by 12-cents to 30-cents a gallon. SB 1 also increases the diesel fuel excise tax by 16-cents and the diesel fuel sales tax from 5.75% to 9.75%. SB 1 also significantly increases the vehicle license fee. Unless repealed, SB 1 goes into effect November 1, 2017 and will add $5.2 billion to Californians’ tax burden every year.

Allen’s legislative voting record has been characterized by his strong belief that limited government, free enterprise, spending restraint, regulatory reform and lower taxes are the surest and proven paths to job creation, upward mobility and economic prosperity.

He has earned 100% ratings from the California Taxpayers Association, the National Federation of Independent Businesses and the California Manufacturers Association. Assemblyman Allen’s support for lower taxes and opposition to tax increases has earned him consistent A+ ratings from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

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