Assembly Candidate Patrick Lee Gipson

Patrick Lee Gipson is the candidate who understands the job and serves because he has dedicated his entire life to public service. Patrick Lee Gipson, came from very humble beginnings, where he aspired to have a better life and career. He started serving his community at a very young age, by becoming a lifeguard for both the City and the County of Los Angeles.

Patrick later decided to further his career in public service and joined the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as a Sheriff’s deputy and has been serving and protecting his communities throughout the County of Los Angeles for the past 24 years. Patrick has taken an oath to protect and serve his communities out of a deep-seated desire to preserve life and wants to continue his service further in our State Legislature as your next State Assemblyman!

Patrick’s top priorities are to restore public safety by ending Zero Bail Policy and reversing Prop 47; lowering taxes and the cost of living; and protecting the most vulnerable, our children and our parental rights!

Patrick Gipson is also a devoted father to his children; a devoted husband to his wife; and a man of faith!