L.A. Lincoln Clubs Board Calls on Mayes To Step Down

The Board of Governors of the Los Angeles County Lincoln Clubs passed almost unanimously the following resolution calling upon Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes to resign as Leader after voting for, and leading six other Republican Assemblymen/women to vote for, Jerry Brown’s cap and trade program on July 17, 2017.

Mayes’ actions and subsequent supporting role at the Democrat’s victory press conference were unbecoming a leader in the Republican Party and amounted to political malpractice. These Republican votes provided political cover for several vulnerable Democrat incumbents to vote no, and thus portray themselves as pro taxpayer to district residents. This action makes it much harder for Republicans to defeat them next year, and undercuts the whole GOP effort to break the Democrat supermajority in Sacramento.

Cap and trade will result in a gas tax increase of 63 cents per gallon and drive thousands of businesses out of California. It is bad for business, anti-taxpayer, and hurts low income people the most.

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