Jon Coupal visits San Gabriel Chapter

Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association President, Jon Coupal visited the San Gabriel Lincoln Clubs Chapter as our guest speaker on February 16th. Click to view images

From 1991 to 1998, Jon Coupal served as Director of Legal Affairs for HJTA, overseeing the organization’s litigation and lobbying efforts. He is a recognized expert in California fiscal affairs and has argued numerous tax cases before the courts. Coupal also successfully defended Proposition 140, the state’s term limit initiative, before the California Supreme Court. In 1995, he won a major ruling before the Supreme Court when it upheld the validity of Proposition 62, an HJTA sponsored initiative guaranteeing the right to vote on local taxes.

He is also the principal drafter of Proposition 218, the Right to Vote on Taxes Act, a measure passed by the voters in November 1996. Coupal is also Chairman of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Foundation which provides funding for taxpayer rights litigation and educational studies.

Jon lets us know how we can help stop future tax increases, and roll back the tide of taxes and regulations that have hampered our business and personal success in California.