Duke Packs Them In at Long Beach Lincoln Club

A record crowd of close to ninety Lincoln Clubs members and friends filled the main dining room of the Long Beach Yacht Club on Thursday, January 26, 2012 to hear local hero Governor George Deukmejian discuss his career and what’s in store for us in the future.

He also revealed the reason he has been skeptical of a Lincoln Club in the Long Beach area. It turns out that when Deukmejian was a young legislator in the late 1960’s, he tried to start a Long Beach Lincoln Club based on the then new and successful Lincoln Club of Orange County. It didn’t work out, and based on that he thought it never would in the Long Beach. To the delight of Lincoln Clubs Chairman Robert A. Virtue and new Long Beach Chapter Chairman Paul Carter in the audience, the Governor conceded it does work in Long Beach and commended Chairmen Virtue and Carter for their outstanding efforts.

Governor Deukmejian discussed the current state of affairs in Sacramento and contrasted the current gridlock with the way they used to get things done when he served as Governor from 1983-91.

The Long Beach Lincoln Club was founded in 2000 and has provided leadership for Republican business and professional people for the past twelve years. Under the leadership of Long Beach attorney Paul Carter, this growing and revitalized chapter is becoming a major force in the Long Beach area. For further information on the Long Beach Lincoln Club, please contact Dorothy Kistler at dkla1@verizon.net.