Republican National Committeeman, Shawn Steel

Venerable elder statesman Shawn Steel has served in countless positions within the Republican Party since 1964 – from grassroots volunteer to California Republican Party Treasurer to Secretary of the Los Angeles County Lincoln Clubs for 18 years to California Republican Party Chairman and since 2008, Republican National Committeeman from California.

Shawn is published in numerous professional journals, newspapers and books, including the National Review, San Francisco Chronicle, San Diego Union, Los Angeles Daily Journal, California Policy Review, the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily News, Daily Breeze, Washington Times, and the Orange County Register.

Shawn is a key insider at the Republican National Committee, and is privy to lots of top secret information on our Party’s plans, strategies and polling!

Please join us for a confidential Insiders Briefing at the Southeast L.A. County Lincoln Club on how Republicans will keep control of Congress in November 2018!

Please RSVP today as attendance is limited to the first 40 Members and authorized guests to respond.