Political Commentator, Deroy Murdock

“Lies, Damned Lies, and the News”

New York political commentor Deroy Murdock is a Fox News Contributor, a Contributing Editor with National Review Online, an Emeritus Media Fellow with the Hoover Institution on War,

Revolution and Peace at Stanford University; and a Senior Fellow with the Atlas Network, which supports and connects some 557 free-market think tanks in the USA and some 101 countries world-wide. Mr. Murdock’s weekly column — “This Opinion Just In…” — appears in the New York Post, the Washington Times, the New Hampshire Union-Leader, and other newspapers across America.

As a popular public speaker, he has lectured or debated at the Cato Institute, the Council on Foreign Relations; Harvard Medical School, the Heritage Foundation; the National Academy of Sciences; Dartmouth, Stanford, and Tulane universities; and various fora, from Bogotá to Buenos Aires to Budapest. He is a native of Los Angeles, a graduate of Georgetown University, and a resident of Manhattan, where he earned an MBA from New York University. His program included a semester at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Deroy Murdock hopes that someday the free society will bring him — and every American — more leisure time to experience fine dining, motion pictures, skiing, live music, and the priceless joys of family, friends, and loved ones.