Brad Dacus President Pacific Justice Institute

Brad Dacus served as Legislative Assistant to U.S. Senator Phil Gramm, and went on to receive his Juris Doctorate from the University of Texas School of Law. For the next five years, Mr. Dacus coordinated religious freedom and parental rights cases throughout the Western states.

In 1997, Mr. Dacus founded Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), where he serves as President and continues to defend religious liberties and parental rights. The Pacific Justice Institute has a network of approximately a thousand volunteer affiliate attorneys and handles more cases on the West Coast than any other organization of its kind. Brad Dacus has been a guest speaker on numerous radio and television programs, participates weekly in several radio talk show interviews, and has appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” “The Today Show,” “CNN,” “Hannity and Colmes,” “News Talk TV”,”MSNBC,” “NBC News,” NBC Dateline” and many times on the “O’Reilly Factor.”

PJI is at the forefront in Court of defending our religious liberties, protecting us against government overreach on Covid in schools and on the job, and fighting Critical Race Theory and other forms of racism creeping through our schools/ society today.

Hear the latest legal developments locally and nationally on the intersection of state authority and mandates vs. parental and religious freedom from Brad Dacus at the Lincoln Club!