Author, Engineer, and Energy Policy Advisor, Ronald Stein

“Understanding the Environmental Effects of Clean Energy”

Ronald “Ron” Stein has been named as the private business spokesperson for the energy industry. He started an initiative for Energy Literacy where he shares books, podcasts, and articles to educate people about the energy sector. Stein is an energy agnostic and supplies in-depth discussions and explanations about energy-related subjects for the public to become energy literate about the many sides of renewable electricity, and the products manufactured from fossil fuels that support lifestyles and economies around the world. Stein is an author, columnist, Engineer and energy policy advisor for Heartland Institute and The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT). He is co-author of Energy Made Easy – Helping Citizens become Energy Literate (2019), Just GREEN Electricity – Helping Citizens Understand a World without Fossil Fuels (2020), and the 2021 Pulitzer Prize nominated book Clean Energy Exploitations – Helping citizens understand the environmental and humanity abuses that support “clean” energy.

Ronald advocates that energy literacy starts with conversations and the knowledge that renewable energy is only intermittent electricity generated from unreliable breezes and sunshine. He argues that wind turbines and solar panels cannot manufacture anything for humanity, while fossil fuels manufacture everything for the 8 billion on this planet.

He is the founder of Principal Technical Services (PTS)