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Lincoln Clubs Members Play Offense Brilliantly

Two long time Members of the Los Angeles County Lincoln Clubs who also happen to be Republican legislative leaders in Sacramento did a great job in two special elections held Tuesday, July 23, 2013.

The bigger news is Republican Andy Vidak’s upset victory in the 16th Senate District in the central valley. Vidak, a farmer who ran a very strong congressional race last year in that same area, came within 115 votes of winning the election outright in the May primary despite a nearly 20 point Democrat registration edge. Scared Democrats breathed a sigh of relief when provisional ballots secured a spot in the runoff for Kern County Supervisor Leticia Perez and they focused on taking advantage of their registration advantage and union fundraising ability for a presumed win.

But Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff, a longtime San Gabriel Valley Lincoln Club Member who masterminded Vidak’s primary election campaign along with CRP Chairman Jim Brulte, continued to believe in and marshal resources for Vidak in the July 23 runoff. His faith and Vidak’s tenacity paid off in a stunning 53.6% to 46.4% victory despite being out-spent and out-manned by swarms of Democrat “volunteers” on behalf of Perez.

San Gabriel Valley Lincoln Club Chairman Mei Mei Huff’s chapter contributed $4,100 to Vidak’s successful campaign. The Los Angeles County Lincoln Clubs congratulate newly elected Senator Andy Vidak and “power couple” Bob and Mei Mei Huff for helping lead California’s Republican resurgence.

Closer to home, long time San Gabriel Valley Lincoln Club Member and Assembly Republican Floor Leader Curt Hagman was elected Chairman of the San Bernardino County Republican Party in January of this year. The county Party had zero money and not much in the way of organization.

However, San Bernardino County is Ground Zero for the political wars of 2014 as Congressman Gary Miller is the top national target of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee and Assemblyman Mike Morrell barely survived reelection last year and is a top Democrat target next year.

On July 23rd, a special election was held in the vacant 52nd Assembly District, covering Chino, Montclair, Ontario and portions of Fontana in San Bernardino County and the city of Pomona in Los Angeles County. With a more than 20 point Democrat registration advantage and Democrats locally being more liberal than in the central valley, Democrats presumed the election was theirs. Seven Democrats competed against one Republican and one independent, the former Republican and current Ontario Mayor Paul Leon.

Hagman decided to take a cue from the Gary Miller/Bob Dutton congressional race year, in which strong Republican candidates finished one and two in the new jungle primary and thereby aced out the third place Democrat, who was supposed to be a top national Democrat target in November.

In the 52nd, independent Ontario Mayor Paul Leon was Mayor of the biggest city in the district and well known and respected. The Republican was a first time candidate and local Hispanic businesswoman, Dorothy Pineda, who was articulate and worked hard. The seven Democrats included local officials from several cities and were all fighting each other.

A strong campaign by Pineda could put her in the runoff with Mayor Leon, thereby acing out all seven Democrats in a major upset. Either Pineda or Leon would be a huge improvement over the seven liberal Democrat wannabes, all of whom would happily go along with the Democrat mess in Sacramento.

The San Bernardino County Republican Party formally endorsed Pineda at its June 2013 meeting and focused its efforts on her campaign for the next month. Chairman Hagman personally funded a mailer to high propensity GOP voters and made robocalls urging Republicans to turn out for Pineda. He and the Pineda campaign put together precinct walkers and GOTV phoners made thousands of calls. Party poll watchers covered the district and Republican Party representatives were present in both San Bernardino County and Los Angeles County to ensure the integrity of the vote counting process on election night.

Worried Democrats caught on to the strategy by the end of the campaign and were starting to coalesce around Pomona City Councilman Freddie Rodriguez. When the dust settled, Mayor Leon was in first place, Rodriguez second and Pineda third out of nine candidates.

The Los Angeles County Lincoln Clubs congratulate our Member, Assemblyman and San Bernardino County Republican Chairman Curt Hagman on a brilliant strategy that made Republicans relevant in a seemingly hopeless situation.



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